Thursday, May 16, 2019

Derby Vs Leeds United

Hi good evening yesterday I had the pleasure of watching two good clubs trying to get promotion to the English Premier League. The two side Derby Vs Leeds United and it was an hard fought battle with the game ended going to Derby. They face Aston Villa in the final to see who gets promoted back to top flight in the Premership.

Now these kind of games are why Europe are producing all these good footballers because every one wants to play in the top Premership whether it the English Premier League or the La Liga in Spain, the League 1 in France or any top League in Europe you have to work hard to get into that league and you have to work even harder to stay in the league, which bring out the best in the footballers that play in these leagues in Europe. Yesterday's game between these two side you could see that both teams want to get back to the top League in England. At the end of the day Derby won the game and are one win away from getting back to the top but so to is Aston Villa so who will get that spot back to the Premier League we will soon know good luck to both teams.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Hi good morning the ICC Cricket World Cup will be starting from May 30-July 14 this year and it will be the 12th edition of this tournament which will take place in England this year. The competition started in 1975 and has been going since. The first World Cup was won by the West Indies in 1975 and they repeated their efforts in 1979.

This tournament has been dominated by the defending champions Australia who have won the World Cup 5 times, they won the 1987, 1999 which was hosted in England, defended their titles in 2003 in South Africa and made it a hat trick of wins in 2007 in the West Indies. Afghanistan are playing in their second world cup after qualifying  last year in a tournament for the last two spots the West Indies got the other spot. Others winners include India the 1983 and 2011 champions are also tournament favourites, 1992 winners Pakistan and 1996 winners Sri Lanka. The ten teams tournament includes Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Afagastian,Bangladesh, West Indies and host England.

England head into the world cup this year as the world number 1 side and have been the most dominant side in ODI cricket over the last few years scoring over 300 runs on a consistent basis and being on home soils should strengthen their chances at winning this world cup. I hope this tournament lives up to be good as the 11 World Cup before this one and let's hope for tournament that would deliver the best out of these countries.

We are Finally Going to Use the Couva Children Hospital

Hi good morning and thank God we have finally found a use for this hospital in Couva. Earlier this week the opposition MP. for Naparima Mr. Charles stated that there was good working equipment in this hospital and why it wasn't being used by the government so on hearing this I am very happy that we are finally going to use this facility to help us out with our health care.

This hospital was built under the People Partnership Government and has been much talk about for the last four years. This hospital was supposed to be a children hospital but I don't know if it still be used as that, but never the less as long as we use it to help citizens and save as much lives as we can is a major contribution, so I say to our health minister well done on this but it's long over due. In a country there can never be enough health care facilities because the current hospital are always backup and it's hour before you get attandence not saying by opening this hospital you get attendance in 5 minutes that would have been wonderful but at least it will help out our current existing health care system.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Cane wine For sale

Hi this one is just something I'm selling It's cane wine it $50 dollars  for a 750ml bottle I have posted up a picture of the bottle on my Instagram wall I will post pictures here soon to show anyone intrested. I currently have 6 in stock right now so anyone interested I can be contacted at 327-2826 and you can view the bottle size on my Instagram page Chris Sotio.

Protect our School

Hi good morning this topic comes from  an incident that happen at a school in my country this week where a teacher was stabbed in front of her class. Now this is unfortunate and I'm not going to blame the authorities but I like to discuss issues so before I start this topic this is not the first time this has happened so let try to make this the last if we can last year I recall a teacher was robbed in the southern part of my country in the school car park so let's start looking for solution and moving forward.

The following are some solutions to take for suggestion if they seem up to your standard.

1. Police officers -put 2 armed police officers to partner the M.T.S. security guards at these schools. With police there people wouldn't put our little one at risk.

2. Increase the amount of M.T.S. guards to back up the police officers in the compound during the school hours. The more man power will be greatly appreciated.

3. Put a Squad car meaning a police car near by the school so back up will be near because these days you can't be to careful so it a suggestion you don't have to take it but let hope something is being tried. That all from me one this topic and till the next one this has been Chris discussing daily topics.

Sexy Education

Morning this topic today comes from stats showing that there have been a lot of teenaged pregnancy in my country in the last 4 years. To start with in my country it is  of my view that people in authority think school children only go to school to learn
maths,English,History and Science but I try to educate the people who don't know children are sexually active during school hours during the day.

It is always talk about putting this programme in the school system  but it has only been talk, you see they don't believe sexually activites are taking place but when you look at the amount of pregnancies taking place by now the ought to think different. Let take a look at 2 simple plans that can ease up this problem.

1. Bring someone to educate young people in school about having sex also all the dangers that come with unprotected sex, go in depth with topics like STD, HIV/AIDS and Pregnancy so they will understand and you might put off some of the students till they are older from having sex.

2. Now as in life the will still be young people eager to have sex despite what you tell them so have a Condom drive to all secondary school it will help and yes we are not encouraging but we are trying to help a siaution.

These are all suggestions to try to help out this problem but it is time to try something instead of talking there are many options but try something and start moving forward to address this but till then we wait and see how  it all comes together and till the next one this has been Chris discussing daily topics

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Successes of English Football

The topic English football successes this season. They English league is over and Manchester City F.C. won the Premier League well done to them but I more speaking about the 4 English club that will be taking part in the U.E.F.A Champion League and EUROPA League final. All four clubs are from England this year.

Lets start with the Champion League, it will be a while before anyone forgets the efforts of Liverpool F.C who came from 3 goal down to defeat one of the best clubs in the world Barcolena F. C. in their second leg. The face their English rivals in Tottenham Hotspur F.C. in the final of this year competition. Tottenham F.C. has had a good season in the premiership this year as well so this will be a good final.

Europa League Final this year has my two favourite football clubs from England Chelsea F.C. versus Arsenal F.C. the two teams I just love to see play football, both teams have had a good Europa tournament, Arsenal F.C. has come through some tough games to reach the finals of this year event and will be looking for some sliver wear to wrap up this season, the same can be said for Chelsea F.C who will be looking to close what will be a good season with another trophy to add to their cabinet this will be a good final. Good luck to my two most favourite clubs and also good luck to Liverpool F.C. and Tottenham F.C.